Saturday, 24 July 2010

[El título no tiene nada que ver con el post... Nomás quería usarlo xD]

Pues prácticamente en un poco más de 24 hrs comenzaré a ser oficialmente estudiante de maestría. Estoy contento, motivado, feliz, pero con unos nervios que ni cuando mi examen profesional. Hace tiempo que no sentía la sensación de nerviosismo como lo siento ahora.

Ahora será diferente. Eso por mi cuenta corre.

Entrando a la nueva sección de "Anécdotas cagadas que podría contarle a mis nietos", platícoles que me encontraba con Pablo el día de hoy y platicábamos mientras buscábamos un restaurante en West End [suburbio muy cerca del centro de Brisbane donde hay N restaurantes de comidas variadas] para cenar y de repente un wey nos interrumpe. Resulta que era un aborigen y quería cigarros. Le di uno y amablemente me pidió 2. No hubo bronca y hasta nos dijo que Pablo y yo éramos sus hermanos de la vida y blablabla y hasta abrazo nos dio...

Cosas cagadas pasan en la vida. No cualquiera puede decir que tiene un hermano aborigen jajaja... Nada más Pablo y yo xD.




Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Casi me da el dramafat cuando vi el precio de los libros que necesito para mis cursos. Son 5 en total y el costo es de 220 dólares por todos.

Claro, nada tontos en la bookshop, si quieres hacerte miembro te hacen un descuento. Por los mismos libros, sale en 195 dólares más la membresía, que sale en 25 dólares...


Lo que sí es que nada más se paga 1 vez la membresía [ya sería el colmo que uno tuviera que renovarla cada año] y un porcentaje de lo que compras se abona a una cuenta mía de mí y de naideN más y, al parecer, cuando uno ya no pueda hacer uso de tal, se regresa ese dinero en efectivo.

¿Será melón, será sandía? ¿O será la vieja del otro díadíadíadía...?

Veamos el precio en eBay...



There are no spiderwebs here...

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I have cleaned here... again xD

My enrolled readers,

Now this post will be in English because I haven't written something in English for a while in this blog. If you don't like it, well... I can't do something about it :P

Anyway... I have finished my English course! After 15 weeks of hard
work and 15 weeks of speaking in English, writing a 2500 words assignment [yes, I was in shock at the beginning, but later on I discovered that it was not that much hehe], listening in English and improving it every day, it ended for good. Actually, all that practice will continue for about 1 year with my masters degree and I'm excited [but nervous at the same time, I have to admit it] about that.

The last two weeks of the Direct Pathway Entry [DEP] were absolutely exhausting, especially because we needed to develop a portfolio at the same time with writing the 2500 words research assignment and, therefore, it took all my energy during those weeks. The only thing I wanted to do at the time was to sleep a long shift.

A week before DEP finished, I was elected by my classmates to give a speech on behalf of my group in the graduation ceremony. That made me flattered and honored to create it and give it in front of more than 100 people, and also I am thankful with my classmates for that. I cannot describe the feeling I had at the moment, but it was such a fantastic one, that's for sure.

A day before the course finished, we went to Stradbroke Island, which is around 1 hour east of Brisbane. The island is fantastic, but I was freezing! Literally, the wind was against us! But besides that, the view is awesome and I had such a great time with my friends. When we came back from there, we went to buy some presents to our teachers for next day.

Just minutes before the ceremony started, I was completely nervous and I couldn't articulate any word, but later I started to calm down [just on the half of my speech :S] and everything was fine. Now I know that becoming a teacher [or a lecturer] is not an easy thing to do and I reckon it's not my thing hehehe... The ceremony finished and the group caught Aliki and Arwen [our teachers] to have some pictures and to give the present we bought the day before. They liked them a lot, especially the T shirts we bought and signed with our names. Even Aliki started to cry because she didn't expect that present and Arwen was really surprised and happy with hers. I really acknowledge all the efforts they did for us.

I demand another picture! xD

Now I am in a break and next week I'll start my courses! I will take 4 courses, which are Introduction to Public Relations, Media Law, International Journalism, and Public Writing. I am so excited and nervous as I said before, but now I am confident that I can understand most of the lecturers. The only thing is to becoming a hard worker to be successful! I can't wait to start living a dream I have for about 4 years ago. I'll tell you how my classes are after finishing Week 1.

It is time to go to read my book. By the way, if you want to read a good book, I suggest you to read 1984 by George Orwell. Maybe we can discuss some points about it!

Time to go. I just want to put this picture to my great OJOTES HERMOSOS xD

Yes... you caught me in my cursi time xD



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